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Weeks 25-26: Becoming A Mom…

Posted on Jan 17, 2012 by in pregnancy week by week | 0 comments


Pregnancy is such a joyful time, and I’m lucky that I’ve been feeling so great to enjoy every sweet kick and glow of thinking about what’s to come. As I started college conferences with many of my families at school this week, it’s been so neat hearing everyone’s take, and of course, advice on pregnancy. The comments all range, but here are a couple of my favorites:

-          “Having your own baby makes you realize how much your mom and dad love and still love you.”

-          When I wondered about everyone’s excitement towards my baby, one of my friends replied, “Although you have no idea what you are about to embark on, we do and that’s what makes us so happy for you.”

I came a long way on nursery décor this week. Well, I wouldn’t say that I did much on the décor but I finally made a decision on the colors. One of the side effects of this pregnancy has been my total inability to make a decision- from what to have for dinner, to which scarf looks best with the same several outfits I always wear, to what colors are going to be right for the nursery. Bless Marshall and his patience! We decided on a green and gray color scheme. I guess this should have been an easy choice from the beginning since green has always been my favorite color, but I was scared things would look too “gender-neutral” or “boyish” so it took me a while to really commit. Let the fun begin….decorating a nursery for our little peanut!

As for artwork, Marshall has been quite busy. He’s always had this way at being creative, and so when I point something out at a store and he comments that he could probably make it, I’ve taken complete confidence in knowing that he totally can! He finished up a big canvas this week. It’s so playful, colorful and a perfect addition for the baby’s room. He made two versions- one large canvas and one in a frame, so depending on what we decide for the walls, we’ll be set!

Not to get too gross, but I did have a small freak out this week when I noticed my belly button starting to disappear and what was even more shocking, “cankles” starting to appear. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s when I looked down at my legs only to notice that my my ankles looked the same size as my calves.


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