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Week 28: Sweet Relief…no pun intended!

Posted on Feb 6, 2012 by in pregnancy week by week | 0 comments


After the weekend in Savannah and eating sweets all along the way, I was a bit nervous about making my way to the doctor this week. This was the point where they check for gestational diabetes. I hadn’t read much on the internet about the “drink” that was part of the test, so you can imagine my surprise when I walked into the doctor’s office expecting a thick brown substance to chug, and instead got a petite bottle of what seemed to be lime-flavored water. It was quite refreshing if I must say so myself. I took my job of drinking it within the 5 minute time frame as the most serious mission ever. I was completely finished in about a minute:) Later that week, I found out that I tested negative for gestational diabetes.

Not the most attractive photo for Week 28, but here I am after the gym

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