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Week 29: Parenting 101

Posted on Feb 12, 2012 by in pregnancy week by week | 0 comments


With my baby the size of a butternut squash, at 2.5 pounds, and 15.25 inches, life is good! I continue to feel her kick all day, and as I sit in my college meetings with families, I catch myself randomly smiling every once in a while at what is happening inside my belly. Marshall and I made a lot of progress on the nursery this past week- found drawer knobs for the changing table/dresser, installed an elfa organization system in the closet (we realized we needed a bit more storage than the dresser, so we are definitely going to be using the closet), and Marshall finished out all of the painting- from closet doors to the toy chest to framed artwork. I’m loving the look of the cute dresses (complete with ruffle bloomers) in the closet. It’s hard to believe that we will be responsible for something that small! Speaking of responsibility, Marshall ordered a parenting book this past week. When we turned to Google for every little question like, “Do you put a baby to bed on their back or stomach?” we figured some guidance may be a good thing. I think Marshall’s main fear came after he asked me if I knew how to change a diaper, and my response wasn’t so reassuring when I said, “Don’t you put the sticky tape towards the back?” Little did I know that most diapers don’t use stickers anymore? I think the last time I changed a diaper was when I was 10 years old and it was for my little sister. I was never one to babysit, so I didn’t get much practice there. The one time I babysat, the families’ black cat jumped on the back of the sofa, I assumed the noise was a robber and called my mom to sit with me in their house until the parents came home. Yes, my career as a babysitter was very short-lived. Let’s hope I’ll be much more successful as a mother!

29 Weeks!

My growing belly!

Our green dresser is finally complete! 2nd paint job, refinished moulding, and new knobs!

Our new Elfa closet system

The last of the painting (hopefully!)

Our dresser with fun wrapping paper as drawer liner

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