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Posted on Mar 19, 2013 by in all about me and my family | 0 comments


While we were out of town, Zoë mastered climbing our stairs.

When we got back to Atlanta, Obi said to us, “You didn’t mention that Zoë can climb stairs?” We agreed and said, “Yeah, she can get up that first or second stair quickly.” Obi laughed and further explained that Zoë had been climbing to the top of our stairs all weekend. Now, we can’t keep her off of them.

So, we are on the hunt for a baby gate! Unfortunately we can’t find one to fit the stairwell properly- they are either too narrow or too wide. Our resident handyman (aka Marshall) plans to build one in the coming week. Until then, all eyes are on Zoë- the record holder for the fastest baby stairclimber ever! Here’s some photos of multiple shopping trips to find a baby gate, and also a couple of Zoë in action on the stairs…

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