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Zoë’s first Easter…

Posted on Apr 1, 2013 by in all about me and my family | 0 comments


As you may have read in our last post, our Easter plans were a bit different than we had hoped, but we made the most of our time at home in Atlanta. What I mean by that is that we totally worked our butts off! There was a ton of work going on at our house over the weekend to get it MLS ready- new carpet installed upstairs, three guys here staging our house, Marshall painted our front porch, lots of cleaning and lots of Home Depot shopping, followed by yard work on Saturday and Sunday. We had our first showing of our house on Saturday, and the caravan of realtors are scheduled to come through on Tuesday. We have cleaned everything in our house down to the bathroom drawers! I had no idea that I had tried to experiment with so many different shampoos through the years…or nail polish colors….or ponytail holders (there must have been hundreds!). We also sorted through Zoë’s clothes that have gotten too small for her. I knew I was going to get a little sentimental at that activity, which is one reason why I have been putting it off, but I’m so impressed that I only saved about 10 outfits. Marshall thought that number was going to be way higher! It’s kinda unbelievable that she was ever that small, and I saved her first swimsuit, her first pj’s, and some of her first dresses to treasure those times. Zoë tried to help as we sorted clothes into piles by size, but instead, just wrecked our nicely folded stacks. Also this weekend, a surprise visit by Granddaddy Jimmy who drove over from Birmingham!

It was an exhausting weekend, but we also took a break on Sunday morning to enjoy some Sublime donuts (some of the best in Atlanta) and a little Easter bunny time for Zoë. She didn’t quite know what to think of her Easter basket. Although not too impressed by her book and bunny, she loved hearing the sound of goldfish snacks when she shook her plastic eggs. Cady enjoyed her plastic eggs too- little did we know that she cracked one open to get to Zoë’s goldfish. Here are some photos of Zoë’s first Easter weekend….

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