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carseat updates…

Posted on Apr 4, 2013 by in all about me and my family | 0 comments


Update: We found out that we were referring to an older carseat recommendation of one year or twenty pounds, so Zoë’s seat is now back to rear-facing. She was a little disappointed about that this morning, but as long as she is safe, she’ll be fine:)


About a week ago we turned Zoë’s carseat around so that she is now facing forward. She was starting to outgrow the rear-facing position, and would totally let us know it as she would stand up like a piece of plywood that wouldn’t bend in the middle. So many times I have caught myself saying, “Zoë, will you please fold in half?” Those aren’t words that I ever dreamed I would say when trying desperately to ask my baby to sit down. Anyways, she is now facing the front and seems to be so much happier! There are still some battles of getting her strapped in, but once she is in, she seems much more content. Here’s our happy baby hitting the front-facing carseat milestone…and her mom sitting in the seat while her dad was testing the lock-down attachment to the car. I tried not to take offense when I knew he needed some weight in there:)

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