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Zoë’s first birthday…Atlanta

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 by in all about me and my family | 1 comment


To continue Zoë’s first birthday celebration, we invited our friends over for a 1st birthday happy hour at our house- complete with beers and margaritas (juice boxes for the babies, of course) and our family favorite, Taqueria del Sol. After all, we realize the first birthday party is a lot more for the adults than it is for the kids:) We were so lucky to have all of our friends and Zoë’s friends together to celebrate her special day. Zoë treated everyone to one of the best smash cake performances ever. She loved it, and totally melted down when we took her away from her cake. Between swinging outside and destroying her birthday cake, to sucking on limes and toting a chicken finger around for half of her party, to playing in the nursery with her little friends, it was the perfect day all around.

Zoë’s Noni, Aunt Abby, Uncle Adam, Uncle Chris, Aunt Cindy, and Uncle Davis were all able to join us for the weekend too! Thanks to all of our friends and family for being so great to our Zoë over her extended first birthday celebration! Cady loved all of the attention too! Perhaps what Cady loved most was being able to run around outside all on her own to hunt for chipmunks during Zoë’s party. Cady slept so well that evening. Here are some pics (well, lots of pics) from the weekend!



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  1. so many great photos! the one of you two and zo with her cake are fantastic! those will definitely be adorable for decades to come.

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