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Seattle bound…

Posted on Jun 12, 2013 by in Uncategorized | 2 comments


Hi Friends,
As you can tell by the picture, we have been busy preparing for that big truck! Marshall and his mom left on Sunday morning to make the long trek to Seattle. Putting in 15-17 hours a day on the road…yep, I’m sure it was just as crazy and long as it sounds! Let’s just say that they entertained themselves by identifying the types of different animals they saw on the side of the road, along with keeping score of who passed the most cars/trucks (although it wasn’t a high scoring game when the rig they were driving was seven parking spaces long and wouldn’t go over 70 miles an hour on a long flat stretch), and how many different state license plates they passed.

We’ll be keeping up with our adventures on the blog, and once we get settled in Seattle, start making more regular posts. Until then, happy summer and thanks for all of your support and friendship in what is an exciting, yet scary time! Best, the little Jones family


  1. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU, LORI……WHAT A DELIGHT TO KNOW YOU. I, for one, will come and see you in Seattle. Who knows where we’ll be after next year! love, Annie

  2. I need to see at least a pic of Zoƫ!!!!

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