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The Ups and Downs of Week 24

Posted on Jan 10, 2012 by in pregnancy week by week | 0 comments


Cady using my Ace Bandage as a toy

The “Ups”:

- A total stranger wishing me “Congratulations!” Up until this point, I was in one of those stages where everyone close to me knew that I was expecting, but my belly was still in that awkward state where other people were careful not to ask the question, “When are you due?” I’m glad I was able to answer this stranger with a happy “Thanks so much!” as opposed to “What do you mean, I’m not pregnant?”

- Positive doctor’s appointment at 24 weeks with a strong heart beat for our little peanut. My primary OB was out this week, and this was the 2nd time I had seen this doctor, Dr. Aspiru. Beyond answering every pregnancy question I have under the sun, he loves to talk about everything from his love for dark rinse maternity jeans to his preference of the green color of celadon over lime green for nurseries. Yep, not your everyday OB. Not sure if many of you know, my primary OB’s name is Dr. Lori Marshall. The practice was recommended to me by some of my friends at work, and I tried out a couple of doctors before deciding on Dr. Lori Marshall. It was meant to be:)

The “Downs”:

- On my way out the door to head back to school on January 3rd, I fell off our back stairs. Luckily, it was about 20 degrees outside, and I was all bundled up like the little kid in A Christmas Story. Part of me couldn’t get up from the layers on my body, but the other part felt the pain in my ankle. As I looked up at the sky and our bedroom window, I had the phone in my hand and called Marshall to my rescue. You can imagine his panic when he ran outside to find me lying on the concrete and all of my stuff around me like a yard sale on a ski slope. He’s been so very protective of me and the baby this whole pregnancy and although panicked, it was cute to hear him say, “Are you alright? How about the baby?” Not that I truthfully knew the answer to his latter question, he carried me inside and iced my sprained ankle. I was relieved to feel little baby peanut kick the entire day while I was laid up in bed.

- I realize weight gain is all part of pregnancy and in my mind, a sign of a healthy baby; however, I must admit that it makes going to the gym a bit more difficult when you hear that you’re up 18 pounds. For my Crossfit Friends, it’s like I’m walking around with a 20 pound wall ball attached to my stomach. Pull-ups not fun:)

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