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these shoes are made for walking…

Posted on Apr 2, 2013 by in all about me and my family | 1 comment


Over the past few weeks Zoë has been experimenting with walking. Up until this point, she has been somewhat assisted- taking a couple of steps towards us before she falls forward in our arms or grasping our hands with her tightest grip while we help guide her as she walks. Just this last week she has been getting a little more daring and trying to take these steps on her own. It’s unbelievable to see her walk, but even more rewarding to see her happiness after she has accomplished taking a few steps on her own. Her little shoes have lots to keep up with, and I guess as parents, we have even more to keep up with now. Here’s a video of Zoë trying things out. Please excuse the high pitched voice in the background…what can I say, I was proud!


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  1. Zo and i have matching toms!

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