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twelve months…

Posted on Apr 27, 2013 by in it's my birthday! | 0 comments


A year ago on April 19th, we welcomed our little Zoë Olive to the world. We had no idea how much our life was about to change. There was no looking back, and why would we need to? Our world revolves around this little girl. Some may call it spoiled, some may call it consumed; honestly, I just call it love. Her smile, her cackle, the way she holds onto her happy socks like they are the best toy in the world. Her love of unloading the dishwasher and then taking her bowl and spoon with her in the car each day. The way she holds her arms up to keep her balance while she is walking, and how with each day her arms go lower and lower because she is becoming a pro. The way she squeezes watermelon in her fingers as she eats so that her entire highchair tray is an absolute watery mess. The way she reaches out to Cady as her best friend. But even more, the way Zoë and her dad are best buds (perhaps the most endearing moment of parenthood ever!). The way she bounces around in her crib or smiles with her widest grin when she is in her swing- both of which are her happy places. The way that she rotates her three wubbanubs in her crib each night from her mouth to her hands to holding one over her face and all back again (while we just wonder about the day we have the courage to take them away). The way she holds so much joy, and at the same time how oblivious she is to how much joy she brings to our world. The way she is Zoë Olive. Just indescribable.

Happy first birthday, Zoë. We love you!

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